Research Seminar

In the weekly research seminar each student presents his / her research progress and receives feedback from the other lab members. We schedule plenty of discussion time in order to have beneficial as well as heated debates.

Academic English Workshop

We organize weekly English workshops where students give presentations on how to organize research activities, introductory courses to various research fields, etc. The goal of this workshop is to improve the English skills of the students, but apart from that it is also a great opportunity for breaking the ice between the students. 

Some sample topics:

  • "Is there such a thing as an optimum?"
  • "How to find a good research topic? "

Summer/Winter Workshop

Every summer and winter, all laboratory members including the students and professors (plus some alumni and guests from companies) get together in order to visit a hot spring resort and to conduct overnight research discussions. Before the workshop, students are split into small teams and work on a programming competition. Their programs and the match-up results are presented at these workshops.

Sample tasks´╝Ü

  • "Mario AI Competition"
  • "A Coding Competition using SunSPOT"